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Why Choose Steep Scores ?

Steep Scores was built by climbing compitition managers for climbing competition managers. This app only does climbing competitions, so dont worry about distracting non competition features.

Realtime Data

Results of the climbing competition is displayed in realtime on the scrolling results page.


Create multiple categories or even sub-competitions within any main competition!

Live Results

No need to wait hours to see results. Get results instantly.

App Features and Details

All options for the app are contained within the six different tabs. This layout ensures that you will spend less time on your phone and more time on the wall.

Enter Routes

Enter attempted or completed routes. Routes pending are not selectable and confirmed routes disappear.

Verify Routes

All completed routes must be confirmed by a competitor in the main competition.


See all completed and attempted route data.


Top 5 Scores

See your top five scores.

Category Leadership

See how you compare to others in your category.


Drop us a line! We can't make the app better without feedback.

Simple and Powerful Dashboard

Your time is valuable. Steep Scores dashboard aims to keep it that way.

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Dashboard Features

These are the most important features. Other features can be found in the FAQ section.

Responsive Design

Written using the latest in web technology, this dashboard will make managing your competition a breeze.

Add Judges

Add a judge to help climbers compete who don't have smart devices

Lock Dashboard

Lock the dashboard when the competition begins. This makes sure that new routes cannot be added which ensures results are not tampered with.

Score Logs

You are in control of your data. Edit anything from your competition including climber's scores and route data.

Made with Love

We love using this dashboard. If you have any issues let us know and we will update ASAP!

Finalize Competitions

Completed competitions can be found in the incative competitions tab.


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